About Pierre Amstutz Roch

At the age of 18, Pierre moved to Paris, where he attended a film school, the EICAR - The International Film School of Paris. He graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Since then, he has been working as a freelance production manager and as an assistant director for companies like Lagardère, Warner Media and Canal+

In 2013, Pierre wrote and directed his first movie, "To Be Delivered", entirely shot in Los Angeles. The movie has been selected in many festivals all around the world and won several awards such as "Best International Movie" at the "2014 Los Angeles Movie Awards" and "France Television Award" at the "2015 European Festival of Brest".
His three movies "Life Saver" (2017), "Cuckold" (2018) and "(A bit) Angry" (2019) are finalist at "Nikon Film Festival" three years in a row. He has just finished his new movie "Tout Se Mérite" which will be broadcasted in 2019 on France 2. He's currently writing his first feature movie.

Pierre Amstutz Roch
Pierre Amstutz Roch
To Be Delivered
Pierre Amstutz Roch
Tout Se Mérite
Pierre Amstutz Roch
(Un Peu) Enervé