About Gaute Hesthagen

Gaute comes from a background of theatre, music, VFX and graduated from the celebrated Norwegian film school, where he earned his degree in directing.
He is a cineast and filmnerd, and loves to work with different genres and visual styles, ranging from live-action drama/comedy, post heavy films to classic animation.
His work includes campaigns for worldwide clients like Coca Cola, Burger King, Volkswagen, IKEA, Lego, McDonalds, Schweppes, Tuborg, Turkish Airlines, Vodafone, M&M ́s and Epson.
Hesthagen has won several awards for his wide body of work. His narrative films have been screened at numerous film festivals around the globe, and he recently finished his first tv-series.

Gaute Hesthagen
Volkswagen - electric window
Gaute Hesthagen
Cheez Doodles - just doodle
Gaute Hesthagen
Tine Sprett - life on mars
Gaute Hesthagen
Lego - zero gravity
Gaute Hesthagen
Coca Cola - taste the kos
Gaute Hesthagen
Stokke - a chair for life
Gaute Hesthagen
Hurtigruten - David Lindo
Gaute Hesthagen
Tuborg - tagworthy